The shooting position

There are basically two types of firing positions while shooting target pistols: one with a bent arm and one with a straight arm. Whilst shooting low powered .22 ammo the shooter does not experience any great recoil of the pistol. The shooter and can therefore easily take the bent arm position and would choose a pistol with a grip close to right angles with the barrel. The elbow of the shooter’s arm could be used as a rest while shooting.

However the extended arm required a more straight gripped pistol. The extended arm position also became popular when the distance between the shooters’eye and the barrel had to be as long as possible as it gave greater accuracy at long ranges. The stand of the shooter is different for different people but in general ths shooter stands at an angle to the target with his feet slightly apart to ensure a steady stand. The loaded pistol is raised with one arm and the shooters takes aim. His other arm is relaxed at the side of him or put in a trouser pocket or used to balance the shooter.

A multitude of firing positions also gave way to many differing grips.