The grips or stock

The target pistol is a fine and delicate precision instrument. The trigger, the barrel, the breech and the stock make up this instrument. The stock of a pistol is also called the grip and must insure that the shooter holds the pistol in the best possible way. The pistol grip is that portion of the mechanism that is held by the hand and orients the hand in a forward and vertical orientation. The grip usually consists of two parts: the front end which is situated in front of the breech and trigger and forms a holding part and the hand grip which is situated at the rear of the breech and is the part which is held by the shooter during the aiming and firing of the pistol.

One exception is of coarse the Flobert of Warnant pistol types, where the whole stock makes-up the grip. The barrel is actually laid in between the wooden stock or grip. The rear handgrips are usually made up of one whole or two separte wooden parts. In some instances the handgrips were made from Bakelite. The grips or stock are secured to each other by a screw. All wooden parts must join the pistol precisely to ensure a proper and good fit.The more expensive models had more exclusive grips. They could be made to order. Some models have actual thumb rests,  finger rests or even hand rests to ensure that the shooters hands were most comfortable during shooting. The formal competitions could last several hours and having a snugly fitted target pistol in one’s hand still is ‘a must’ and a great feeling! Some grips were very very fancy indeed, where the owner would display his priced possession with all the fancy flair he could!