In the city of Suhl the museum for arms and weaponry is located in a newly rebuild but traditional German style building.

It shows the history of the area and the many disciplines needed to make a fire-arm. From ironworkers to woodcarvers and engravers, they all show their best abilities which result in some quite extraordinary fire-arms. Most of these weapons on display are sporting- or hunting arms, although one area shows the productions of some military small-arms as well. A wonderful place to admire the workmanship and dedication of the old masters themselves. It made me realise that the experience and excellence often seen in these guns should be preserved for next generations to come and should definitely not be forgotten. The local Suhl authorities have therefore started giving master classes and higher educations classes in gun-smithing to a new generation of young gunsmiths.

Tip: in the attic of the museum is a rather nice Suhl Porcelain exhibition. Plates, cups etc. mmm… be nice for the wife I suppose 🙂