“This is the place where collectors of Classic Target Pistols unite”


I enjoy collecting and shooting Classic Target Pistols (or Scheibenpistolen) in the Netherlands. I have an historical interest in the great variety of breech systems that were used in these pistols and the people who made them.

These Classic Target Pistols were solely made for peaceful sporting competitions only. They have since become collector’s items, as more people start to appreciate the great workmanship and by-gone skills that were needed to design, make and finely decorate these Classic Target Pistols.

This site is not a commercial enterprise, but instead is a place dedicated to showing you part of an interesting historical heritage collection. 

The photogalleries include several pictures of Classic Target Pistols made by E.F. Büchel, Scharfenberg, Hämmerli and others.

Feel free to have a look around. Perhaps you could send me a small article yourself together with some good quality photographs?

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